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New Performatek aluminum flywheel for Alfa V6

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Fikk en mail idag fra Performatek som kanskje er interessant for de som bygger ordentlige motorer:

I've been working on a new product that may have some interest for

you. in addition to all the new drive line services Performatek now

offers, i have started development on an Aluminum Flywheel for the V6

engines.  This is a part of the standard tuner performance part

arsenal that has never been available to the Alfa V6 community. Weight with steel ring gear is projected to come in under 10

pounds.  The original (3.0L) flywheel weighs close to 27 pounds! By going to an aluminum flywheel, rotational mass is cut by some 63%

and inertia greatly reduced.  the engine revs much more freely and

more of its torque is free to spin the rear wheels.  These types of

weight savings can never be matched by shaving the original, (in

fact, these should be half the weight of a shaved unit) and are much safer. As far as i know, no one else offers one, and now i know why!  The

built in imbalance in the flywheel, required by the engine's V

configuration, makes it much harder to design and build a proper

one.  You either have the special equipment and knowledge to make

these or you do not.  Most flywheel makers do not.  They make zero

balance flywheels (as in 4 cyl Alfa engines) which are a much simpler

proposition.  I have found a supplier who specializes in flywheels

like this, and he is willing to entertain the small business that

servicing the Alfa community brings - not a trivial issue!

We used a Milano (75) 3.0L flywheel as the base for the design.  It

will work with any V6 engine in a dedion chassis.  For 2.5L engines,

a special spacer is required, and 3.0L flywheel bolts are required as

well.  The imbalance weight differs between the 3.0 & 2.5 flywheels,

but the difference is well within the range of what a balancing  shop

can deal with.

First engineering has been done, costing developed.  I am quite close

to turning production on - hopefully next week.

They will not be inexpensive, however, i think pricing will be within

"reason", and the performance gain will provide good value. It is a

one time expense that will provide benefit forever, never wear out or

need rebuilding.

The first buy is the worst because there is a significant amount of

engineering cost to amortize.  I have enough committed buyers now to

make the proposition financially viable (at least i am not likely to

lose too much money!), and so i am proceeding.  The more that commit

to the first buy, the better i can make the pricing.  If you have any

interest, please contact me soon, and we can discuss further.  email

or call 508-655-8079.


andy kress

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