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  1. luca

    155 q4

    I'm thinking to buy a 155 q4 😃 while I'm still deciding if import my 147gta from Italia , if someone has one for sale now, just let me know. possibly complete car ( I saw the one without engine block in finn.no) MvH Luca
  2. yes, it was.... 😓 but now if you wanna import your car you must pay as car import. btw I will wait the " 20 year rule" for other project. the gta is 2003 so it will take some more years.. @Mamy, takk for your explanation!
  3. thanks for the replys I have already tried with toll calculator and skatteetaten wizard also. but for example, no information about the alternative calculation method, when I asked about this at skatt the employee reply me than "before you must import the car and pay taxes and after apply for the alternative calc. method, and at that point they will decide if refund me the difference of money " 🤨
  4. hei ! someone has experienced the importation process of a 3.2 gta model from others European country? I wanna import here in Norge my car from Italy, but when I'm asking at skatteetaten about fees and taxes for importing the car I don't have any sure answer and all the time a different one. so , if one of you guys has exprience and he wanna share it... thank you in advance! and forgive me if I'm using english in a norsk forum... Luca
  5. I guys, sorry if I wrote in english but I'm far away from to write in norwegian.. where can I found information about the laws for tuning cars in Norge? I want understand what is possible to do and what is possible omologate by yours transport department. because, the next year I will move in Norge for follow my girlfriend who work for your an norwegian institute, I work in motorsport, restoration and transformation from many years and I would continue also in yours country. I think to have the necessary skill to do these kind of works (at the moment I'm planning the four wheels drive for my car, 147 gta), but I think that to open a company in Norge is quite expensive and I want to be sure. last year i did something like this gt junior , i put a 1.9 jtd in a fiat panda, but it was a race car for the Dakar rally and of course I rebuilt also the rest of the car. You can see the picture of the Panda in facebook workshop page, the name of the page is cap360-motorsport, I hope that you enjoy it.
  6. luca

    Hvem er vi?

    Hei! Jeg heter Luca, 33 år, bor i Como Italy. Jobber med toyota Overdrive hvordan motorsport tekniker in Belgique, og jeg ikke snakker norsk... but the forum is a good oppurtunity to start to learn it. I'm proud owner of a 147 GTA, and for it I have a great project... why an Italian guy in a Norsk forum? because I love Norway and this is a way to know my future neighbours yes because I hope to move in Norway the next year.. godnat luca this is the engine of my car...
  7. Hi everybody, my name is Luca and I write from Italy, from a city near to Milano. I follow your Alfa project forum and I saw really good works! I'm "alfista" since I was born (I left the hospital on board of a Giulietta 2.0 litre). I'm mechanic and I work in a racing team which prepares rallyraid car, but in the free time I work with a friend who has been the workshop chief of Alfa Corse team... It is not easy for me to follow the forum in norwegian, but I try! maybe I can learn it... I write you to ask for an information (and I apologize if this is not the correct area to write this request), have you got in Norway a racing team or a workshop specialized in restoration (better if italian cars) ? why I want to know this? because the last year I spent one month in Norway and I fell in love with your country, for the nature and for the people really friendly! so I'm thinking coming to live in Norway. that's all thank you and have a good job with yours Alfa!!
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